IV Drip Hard Drive keeps your files safe


Anti virus systems on your computer are so dull.  Really they just sit there and scare off all the nasty things that like to infest your computer.  That’s all well and good, but couldn’t they keep things interesting?  Even just a little?  Well this design puts a humorous take on keeping viruses out of your computer and holding onto your files for you.  Of course they show it on a Mac and everyone knows that nothing can kill a Mac.  It’s inconceivable!

Well alright, Macs might not be entirely indestructible.  This odd hard drive with an anti virus program includes an IV drip bag that blinks and flashes its lights when it’s at work.  Giving you a visual reminder that your anti virus is at work.  Of course that also means that you have yet another gadget clogging up your USB port.  This is still a concept hard drive though by Hyuh Jin Lee.  If it did ever hit the market, it might be worth the extra port it uses up.

Source: Gizmodiva