QB1: Gesture-based Music Playing Robot

by Mark R

q1I realize that the picture here looks like something from Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” performances, but what you are seeing here is the QB1. Of course, this technology might seem kind of freaky, as that screen watches you. It will actually turn when you walk around the room, and these special sensors actually know your face.

Not only can it read your face, but it knows your hand gestures. For example, you can start your music tracks with a conductor-like wave of your hand. Turn your fingers into a shelf and gesture up to turn the volume up, then down to turn it down. If you spin your fingers clockwise, this works as a fast forward. I’m sure that you have figured out that spinning them counter-clockwise works as a rewind.

The oddest thing about the QB1 is that it will actually learn about you. The designer wasn’t any more specific about that, but essentially, it will learn what type of music that you like, and it will know what to play for you.

I like the idea behind the QB1, but I’m not certain that I like the aesthetic. I mean, do you really want a simple screen on a stand to do what the QB1 can do? Perhaps this is one of those products that are better off without a pretty package.

So far, this technology is still under development, but Swiss company OZWE hopes to have the QB1 perfected and mass-marketed some time in 2009. There is no word on a price as yet.


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