Spy Camera Pen

Watched too many spy movies that you wish you had your very own Q along with a collection of toys and gadgets that would put James Bond to shame? Why not start off with the Spy Camera Pen that is able to hold up to 15 hours of footage, where it also doubles up as a fully functional pen to put down your John Hancock on those official government documents.

A tiny built in Spy Camera lens is situated above the pen clip, hard to see even with the keenest eye. Perfect gifts for James Bond wannabes, these Spy Camera Pens are a great addition to our Thumb Camera and Spy Glasses! Use the Spy Camera Pen in meetings, to document important conversations or just to try out your spy skills wherever you go! Just place the pen in your front pocket and record everything in front of you in full color. The Spy Pen camcorder also features sound! A microphone is hidden under the pen clip giving you full video camera capabilities. To download your footage simply install the software disc and attach your Spy Camera to your computer with the USB connector. Simple to use and effective on Watchdog style missions. Go undercover at school, catch your sister picking her nose at home or record your work mates falling asleep in your bosses meeting. The Spy Camera Pen will make your Mission Impossible…possible! Whether you casually leave it on a desktop or wear it in your front pocket, catch the action as it happens! If you need to covert video footage at the touch of a button then this nifty Spy Camera Pen is the ideal solution. Footage can be uploaded onto You Tube, editing tools and emails quickly and effectively.
The £59.99 entry price might be a bit steep for those who are looking for a little bit of fun, but something tells me if this thing gets any cheaper, we’ll see more and more voyeuristic kind of videos around the Net (as though there weren’t enough of these around already).]]>

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  1. Hello
    I was wondering if you could put me in touvh with the wholesales for the spy pen as I would like to purchase a substantial number of them.

  2. Currently on dealextreme.com for about $23 in 4gb model, but at that price they’ve sorta oversold, so mine took a full month to arrive. Works, control annoying, video slow scan, but pic amazingly good.

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