LiveViewGPS launches NavTrac RTV10

LiveViewGPS might not be a name familiar to many where GPS navigation devices are concerned, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to contribute to the cause. In fact, LiveViewGPS has just rolled out the NavTrac RTV10, a revolutionary device that merges both powerful GPS navigation with critical tracking and communications tools. While the NavTrac RTV10 might resemble a standard GPS on-dash system, it does more than get you from point A to point B as it is able to offer a bunch of innovative functions which is able to transcend conventional GPS devices, making it useful for a wide range of businesses and market segments.

With the LiveViewGPS NavTrac RTV10, you not only get robust navigation features including turn-by-turn directions and detailed map views, you will also be able to turn on live device tracking in order to track the device via a simple web site interface. This could come in handy for parents who want to know where their little ones are headed to (OK, maybe they’re old enough to have a driving license, but in the eyes of most parents, no matter how old their kids are, they’re still considered “little” especially so in the Asian context). Apart from parents, fleet managers for small and large companies alike will also appreciate this function as they can then keep track of all vehicle locations simultaneously as long as there is an Internet connection. Another advantage of the NavTrac RTV10 is two-way messaging that allows managers to keep in touch with their drivers via the web interface regardless of the vehicle’s location.

The NavTrac RTV10 is readily available for purchase as at press time, and it does look like a decent buy by any angle. We think this is worth a shot if you’re currently looking for a decent GPS navigation system for your car.

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