Tent lights a high tech solution to a camping problem

Anyone who has kids that are in scouts know about the camping experience. They also know about how painful it can be when you’re groping around in the dark of the night and tripping over tent ropes. Thousands end up with rope burns, turned ankles, and heaven knows what else, and seek first aid for maladies that ruin the campout experience. Now that can all be avoided with a simple TentLED on each rope.

Invented by Dutch designer Van Berlo, TentLED is a simple platic encased LED light that can be tied on to the tent ropes with a knot any Cub Scout would know. The internal LEDs are able to adjust their brightness as the sun goes down and will turn on and shut down automatically. They’re also both waterproof and shock resistant. No word on how much the TENTLEDs will run, but I can already imagine executives from Big 5 and other sporting goods companies wanting order 4 packs for the camping season. I’ll certainly buy a set if they come to the states. I’d much rather be “tentled” by those lights than invisible tent ropes when I’m trying to get to the potty in the middle of the night!

Hat Tip – Giz Mag

3 thoughts on “Tent lights a high tech solution to a camping problem”

  1. Can’t say I have ever had this problem, then again I’m not an insufferable klutz either. Also where did you get your information that states “Thousands end up with rope burns, turned ankles, and heaven knows what else,…”

    P.S. – Using the word “potty” makes you seem like a child.

  2. Feint – You’re NOT an insufferable klutz??!? Then, by inference, you are also not a nerd or a geek. Ergo, why are you reading about gizmos on an obviously geeky site populated by people who DO fall over tent ropes?!? Go somewhere like GQ or Harpers with your supercilious comments…

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