FlyGun does the job fast and easy

Want to be an assassin but don’t know where to start? Or rather, are you impressed with Bullseye’s aiming skills in the movie Daredevil where he managed to impale a fly with the tip of a syringe at the end of it? You will be able to live out both fantasies with the FlyGun, and in the course of your practice and self-training, you will be able to snag yourself a fair number of kills as well.

Become a hotshot shooter and blast flies out of the sky with the awesome FlyGun! The FlyGun is a cross between a fly swatter and a handheld pistol that stops flies in their tracks with a spring-loaded round target. Just aim and fire – flies and mosquitoes don’t stand a chance! Become a hunter in your own home and get rid of pesky flies fast. The plastic target kills rather than squishes dead flies, so there’s no mess to clean up and it’s safe and easy to use. The amazing FlyGun is handy to have around the office and on holiday too.

This could be £3.95 well spent for hours of fun, especially when you live in a fly-prone area. Of course, I still think that there is nothing quite like those electric bug zappers or a nice can of aerosol (sorry, environment!) to do the dirty job.

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