Elivision Puts a Screen on a Door

This just in from Korea, home of all the cool tech stuff that we may or may not ever see. This one is from Elivision, and it involves something that we all want: a 17-inch LCD display and speaker on a door.

At first I thought that the LCD screen was designed for the inside of the door, like a high-tech replacement of a peephole. It would appear that Elivision has made this for the outside of the door.

So how does video footage get put on the door? The display is a Linux-based display, and new footage can be downloaded onto the screen via USB.

Now what does a door with a screen say about the owner? Perhaps it is more about what the screen will say. I’m not certain what I would put on this door if I had it. Maybe something like: “I’m not home right now, please go away and do not steal my stuff, including this fancy door”.

I have to admire the design of Elivision’s doorscreen. (I like the sound of that word.) Unlike other designs that I see, the high tech of the screen mixes very well with the low tech wood of the door.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any word on the price on this particular item. I’m sure that it won’t be cheap, especially if the wood is fine and the display is a good quality too.


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