The Spalding iHoop Speakers

by Ally

Here’s a device that I’m actually in complete shock that it took this long to come out.  We’ve gotten to the point where grills are being sold with speakers built-in and playing music while playing basketball is extremely common.  Making the obvious next step to put speakers in a basketball hoop.  Well now they finally have and it’s the first of its kind.  With this you’ll be able to hook up your iPod or MP3 player through the jack and play music loud enough for both you and your friends.

The iHoop has built directly into the base a 30” watt 2.1 audio system with a 5” subwoofer.  It’s made with marine grade speakers to make sure that the speakers are weather resistant.  It also has a suspension cradle that is meant to keep your iPod protected.  All around it’s a great solution to keep music going while you play.  It’s far better than the obnoxious sports bands or a pair of portable speakers that you have to worry about breaking.  So far there is no word on pricing for the Spalding iHoop Speakers or when these will become available.

Source: Newlanunches

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