Snap and Dine turns picnics into 5 star experiences … sort of

by James

Picnics and pot luck dinners share something in common – plastic utensils and paper plates. Not the kind of equipment if you’re seeking to make the dining experience a little more classy. Fundraising dinners, for example, which don’t have the budget of a political campaign can’t really make an elegant impression and still keep the costs low. Enter Snap and Dine

With a design that rather reminds me of a snap kit plastic model car, Snap and Dine uses a single plastic injection mold process to create a complete, yet recyclable, table setting to make such culinary endeavors a little more elegant and yet, provide for the convenience of a portable or temporary meal. It offers a complete 3-course setting with a very ornately designed plastic plate and recyclable plastic cutlery designed to look like elegant silverware.

Snap and Dine is not only an affordable way to make an impression on a date or fund-raising benefactor, but is both easy to use and dispose/recycle at the same time and reintroduces a disposable society into the notion that dining can be an elegant experience now matter where the table is set.

I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this sooner.

Hat Tip – Tech Blog

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Esmahan Says: December 17, 2010 at 5:49 am

i would like to know where can i purchase it from the snap and dine that is

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