The Argus Been Digital Camera great for outdoorsy types

A lot of people appreciate a pretty picture and with the coming of digital cameras, it’s now easier to take one.  Even if you aren’t that great with photography, so much of it can be fixed later.  However, not every camera should be taken everywhere.  I have two different cameras that I use for different occasions.  Sadly though, like most digital cameras they aren’t something I’d want to take camping or especially not good for any extreme outdoor activities like rock climbing.  Well this Argus Bean camera would be a great camera to take along with you when you’re outdoors.

It even has a clip to keep it attached to a bookbag or anything else you want to clip it to.  That clip also makes it ideal for any little kids that might want to take a few snapshots while on a field trip.  It’s not the best camera, but the 1.5” LCD display isn’t too shabby.  It also has an SD Card Slot and 16MB of built-in memory.  The camera is sold in a few different colors, red, blue and green.  Then there are both the 5MP and 3MP versions of the camera.  You can pick up the 5MP for $57.59 on Amazon.

Source: ChipChick