Flickr to get real time commenting and mobile browsing with Radar


Flickr has grown to be really huge, and every single day there are hundreds, if not thousands, of new users signing up to make sure they have a place online to share their favorite digital memories with. The whole idea of an online photo album that can be accessed by friends, family and strangers alike no matter where they are in the world is pretty interesting, but how do you improve upon something that looks as though there is no longer any need for improvement? Well, for starters, Tiny Pictures, Inc. has just launched Flickr integration for Radar today – also known as the leading service for real-time sharing of cameraphone pictures, videos and conversations between friends. More on Radar’s capabilities right after the jump.

This tight integration enables users to follow Flickr photos each time they are shared, and will remain on top of conversations around photostreams, straight off from from the Radar mobile applications, mobile site and desktop site. According to John Poisson, Founder and CEO of Tiny Pictures, “We have a long-standing affinity with the Flickr team and the massive photo community theyʼve built, and we’re veryexcited to be able to offer the Radar mobile experience to Flickr users as well. We talk a lot about visual conversation at Tiny—the burgeoning trend of sharing in-the-moment, and knowing your friends are browsing that content and engaging with you at the same time. That’s precisely what we designed Radar to enable, and making this same experience available to Flickr photos was a natural next step.”

Current Radar users can always hook up their Radar and Flickr accounts together, selecting just which Flickr contacts they want to follow. Subsequently, all Flickr photos and comments will appear in-line with Radar content on both mobile and desktop platforms, whilst comments are left on Flickr photos. As for the merry bunch of Flickr members who are not already on Radar, they can opt to use the service as a standalone mobile browsing and commenting platform. All web-enabled phones across all networks worldwide will be able to work via the Radar Mobile site as well as through mobile applications for Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone.

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