Ikea now offering Solar Powered Lights

I am one of the many living on a budget that adores Ikea.  Sadly for me, the closest store is in the next state over and they don’t usually offer many of their products online.  Well now Ikea has a new line for the green loving gadget crowd.  They are offering up solar powered lighting, they’re going to start releasing several different lights, most are meant for outside, but not all.  Plus, being Ikea, they’re keeping it cheap, not a single one of them goes over $19.99.  Which is especially thankful since some of them are probably better to purchase in clumps to make a pathway of lights. There are nine different lights as of now, only one of them is for indoor usage.  The indoor light is just a small work lamp that will cost you $19.99 and comes in a a variety of colors.  There are a few sets of five that will be smaller lights, but are a string of them in a row.  Then the rest are to be purchased individually.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re thinking ahead as to how you want your garden set up this summer.  They range from $6.99 to $19.99. Source: Inhabitat]]>

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