The Coleman LED Quad Lantern splits into four lights

When camping with the whole family, it can present some slight lighting issues.  There are of course always ways around that, but it usually means packing four different kinds of lights and plenty of flashlights as well as batteries.  Well Coleman, being one of the better brand names for camping, has come up with a different solution.  It offers one giant lantern that will give light in all directions for when you’re all sitting together, but an extra perk for when you go off in different directions.

The side panels, of which there are four, all snap off.  They can work individually or all together once put back on the lantern.  Each individual panel has a recharageable NiMH battery, those charge off of the eight D-cell batteries that are located within the base of the lantern.  Those batteries can run the lantern all together for 72 hours, a full charge of the panel will give an hour of light per panel.  Due to the frosted lens and wide-angle LED lights, it will give off light over a large area.  You can purchase it on the Sears website for $69.99.

Source: GadgetGrid

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  1. i love this led camping lantern it is nice and very handy..can you help me more what is suitable lantern for rainy season?

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