Wrangle out of a parking ticket with the iPhone


Apple’s iPhone, how will life be without you? Never before in the history of mankind have we seen humans line up for days before the iPhone was actually released, regardless of whether it is the original or the upgraded version with 3G connectivity. Some of us have even gone so far as to dub it the Jesus phone, lending some sort of divine quality to the handset, but does it really deserve such a tag? After all, holding it up to the Red Sea won’t be able to part the huge body of water in half, let alone the small drain right outside my house. However, after taking a look at this website – Parkingticket.com, I am pretty convinced the iPhone is just about the most versatile handset to date. How many other phones do you know are able to help you wriggle your way out of a parking ticket? You can quit thinking and squeezing your brain for the moment, as the iPhone is the solitary one at this point in time.

Parkingticket.com has just announced full compatibility of its online service with the Safari web browser that is found on the Apple iPhone, allowing users to contest a parking ticket the moment it is issued. Thanks to the built-in (albeit rather low on the megapixel count) 2 megapixel camera found on the iPhone, it will help revolutionize the way folks fight back against predatory ticketing via the website. No idea that there were so many authorized personnel running around issuing tickets, sounding as though they did so with wanton abandon.

Glen Bolofsky, President of parkingticket.com explains, “Imagine, you come back to your car from dinner and find a ticket on your windshield and you were positive you had parked legally. Now, without even leaving the scene, you can use your iPhone and begin to fight your ticket. You react instantly to a ticket using your iPhone.” Once you’ve entered your ticket and vehicle details, answer a few quick questions and snap a few photos, the process will begin.

To have parkingticket.com prepare a guaranteed dismissal request letter customers post 50 percent of the fine amount at the onset of the process. If parkingticket.com is successful in assisting you in getting the ticket dismissed, then the upfront deposit is retained by parkingticket.com. If, after a hearing, the parking ticket fine is reduced, rather then dismissed, parkingticket.com retains half of the amount you saved and refunds the balance. After the hearings take place, if parkingticket.com is unsuccessful in getting the ticket dismissed or reduced they will not only refund the posted payment, but also pay you an additional $10.00 just for trying! So, now, iPhone users will get paid to fight their tickets if they are not dismissed or reduced.

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R. Young Says: November 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Don’t use parkingticket.com! They don’t give you back your refunds! If you try, they make a claim that you violated one of their terms and they’re entitled to keep your money!

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