MotoComm Digital Recorder great for Extreme Sports

by James

A few years back, Samsung had a great idea. Create a solid-state camcorder for extreme sports enthusiasts which would use an auxiliary lens that could fit on a helmet to record the action. The next generation, had a wireless lens – but customer complaints about static and connectivity issues ended up deep sixing not only the wireless version, but the whole extreme sports line period. It may have been that extreme sports are simply too hard on recording technology – even solid state cameras that record on flash media – or that there simply wasn’t enough interest to warrant a long term commitment to the line. But even though there may not be enough And since nature abhors a vaccum, MotoComm has developed a Digitial Recording System that promises to fill the void Samsung left behind.

Looking for like a miniature VCR with a camera connected, the MotoComm DSR-1003G allows adventurers to connect the weatherproof (and no doubt shock proof) bullet style camera to a helmet. Turn the recorder on and it’ll record both sound and audio, or one can listen to the built in mp3 player. Some even suggest that thanks to it’s onboard LCD, that it can be used as a rear view camera system to see what’s behind. The MotoComm comes with 1GB of on-board memory and can take up to a 4 GB SD card.

Cost is $359.99

Hat Tip – Travelizmo

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