Couple-saving Gadget Automatically Lowers the Toilet Seat

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I usually like to report on gadgets that will bring couples closer together. It is my pleasure to report on a cool gadget that will settle an age-old argument between husbands and wives world wide: leaving the toilet seat up.

Ironically, it wasn’t some big electronics giant who made this, but a group of students from Skjern Technical College in Denmark. Somehow it can end the endless comic routine without using additional energy, but my sources do not say how.

In all honesty, I think they might have copied technology that I once saw on an episode of Home Improvement. Remember the episode where Tim wanted to remodel the bathroom with a pink Jacuzzi hottub, and didn’t do it right? Then Jill was mad at him, but Wilson stepped in and it all worked out.

Yeah, I realize that pretty much describes any episode of Home Improvement, but the episode ended with Tim telling Jill that the bathroom was a woman’s bathroom. To prove his point, he flushed the toilet, and the seat automatically went down. Slowly, if I might add.

I guess they get Home Improvement in Denmark. Hopefully, this group of students will receive high grades for their efforts on settling the age old couple-debate, but if this works as good as I hear, then some company needs to seriously market this thing.