Screen Time Manager keeps kids in line

by Ally

There are a great deal of programs and gadgets to help you keep your kids from overdoing their time on electronics.  Well here’s another device that can be hooked up to the computer monitor, TV or of course, their video game console.  Unfortunately, most people have a lot of electronic devices to choose from in their home.  That means that you’d either have to have several of these around, or a few different devices in addition to this one.  Either way, that could get pricey, but if you have kids that like to sneak onto the electronics when you aren’t looking, something like this could help.

Of course, some kids, once they’re older will likely figure out a way to outsmart the device.  Until then though, each child has their own code to punch in.  With each child, you can pick and choose how long you want them to be able to be on the computer.  It can track hours per day and hours per week, as well as  being able to recognize periods of time when they’re not allowed on the computer at all.  Once they’ve reached the time limit, it shuts off the device.  Unfortunately, I think it’s a little pricey for something that only takes care of one device at a time.  It will cost you $89.95 on Brookstone.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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