GoStereo Headphones are also Speakers

I often review headphones on Coolest Gadgets, and it isn’t often that I have anything different to say about them. I mean, how many ways can I say “they have good sound”? Yet every once in a while, I find some headphones that have some feature that are definitely worth writing about.

Such is the case with the GoStereo headphones, which are the only headphones that I know of which can also be used as speakers. I’m sure you can see the external mesh on the outer part of the earpieces.

This is really an idea whose time has come. After all, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a pair of headphones for your Portable Media Player, and then more money on a speaker. I am assuming that there is some kind of toggle switch on the GoStereo that will allow for private and public listening.

So, is this the wave of the future? Will all headphones be like this? I should hope so, but I’m not certain if normal iPod earbuds are capable of this type of technology.

The GoStereo headphones will cost you about $50. That is a very good price considering I have seen padded headphones for hundreds of dollars, and a mini-stereo speaker for an iPod or other MP3 Player will cost about fifty dollars anyway.