Youkidoo Musical Kaleidoscope


Kids are supposed to be drawn to colors and noise, and that is the very reason why mobiles for babies are so popular, featuring movable parts as well as various textures for your little one to explore. It supposedly accelerates the learning process, but for parents who want something more digital to fit this day and age, why not try out the Youkidoo Musical Kaleidoscope? This device merges the functions of two toys in one, featuring mesmerizing music and light show to keep young infants entertained, and is a great activity center for those who are older. It boasts colorful musical disks that spin to create a magical, musical kaleidoscope, while its discovery base comes with mirrors, squeakers, spinners and clickers amongst others to keep baby engaged and stimulated. With toys these days not offering too much value by aging with him/her, the Youkidoo Musical Kaleidoscope offers surprisingly good odds for just $59.95 as it grows with your child from early infancy till the toddler stage.

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