Gabriel Turntable: One fine record-player with four arms

by Mark R

It’s not often that I cover products that are as fine as Angelis Labor’s Gabriel Turntable, but when I saw this gourmet technology at a Venetian hotel suite at CES, I had to write about it.

Angelis Labor is an Italian company, and its name is translated to “Labor of Angels”. Each product is named after an angel, and is made entirely by hand with aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel. Believe it or not, it is from the same factory where they construct precision parts for Ferraris.

Of course, what makes the Gabriel Turntable unique is the obvious four arms. The reason why has to do with audiophiles changing the pick-up cartridges on the arm. Since the Gabriel Turntable has more than one, its setup allows for quick changes. I wish I had more turntable experience to know if this is helpful.

Several of the parts on the Gabriel Turntable are floating millimeters in the air. For example, the turntable spindle unit is lifted magnetically.

I have learned that this is a limited edition product. Each one of these Gabriel Turntables has an engraved name on it. If the user doesn’t want it, Angelis Labor will buy back the product. However, the one thing that Angelis Labor does not want to see is their product up for bid at an online auction. If that happens, they will scratch that particular Gabriel Turntable from their records.

The Gabriel Turntable is available through select distributors from the Angelis Labor website for a price of $27,00-64,000, depending on the number of arms.

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