Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling System with hidden speaker

It’s nothing new to see a company trying to combine several gadgets into one.  The combination of a fan and light isn’t exactly a new idea.  However, now they’re tossing a hidden speaker into the mix.  It’s obviously going to cause some skepticism as to how well the sound will generate out of a machine with spinning blades.  However, I’m sure many will still be curious to find out for themselves.  Unfortunately, it probably won’t be just out at your local hardware store for you to test it out without purchasing the product.

The idea is that since ceiling fans are typically in the center of the room, it will be the perfect location (acoustically speaking) for a speaker.  It would also keep your speakers hidden (it’s located on the light), which is always nice.  To control both the light and the speaker, it comes with a small remote.  When you pick the device you want the speaker used with, just connect the Soundolier Maestro 2.4GHz wireless transmitter.  The transmitter has a range of 300ft, so it should be able to reach any audio device in the room and even the next one.  The fan is supposed to be released sometime early this year.

Source: Dvice