NetGear’s Internet TV Player

by Mark R

I don’t know who the speaker was at NetGear’s CES Press Conference this morning, but he was very excited about his company’s new Internet TV Player.

The Internet TV Player is exactly what the name implies, a way of enjoying Internet videos on your television. This type of technology isn’t really new, but when the speaker withdrew the device from his jacket pocket, that got the crowd’s attention. Apparently, not many PC to TV devices are this small. The remote control that you see in this photo on the left is exactly to scale.

Big things come in small packages on this device as it allows the user to browse through popular Internet sites like YouTube or any other site with video content. No computer is required as the user can scroll through a menu screen right on his or her television.

The user can even use a search engine. The remote may not have a QWERTY keypad, but the arrow keys can search through the alphabet for whatever keywords the user wants. The device can also access such popular sites as Cinema now and BitTorrent.

The Internet TV Player has an Ethernet port, as well as ports for HDMI and A/V out. It also has two USB ports which allow the user to access pictures, music, and video from a USB Flash drive.

The Net Gear Internet TV Player is expected to be released this Summer for a price of $199.

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