Nero Liquid Television is TiVo for the PC

Some of us can’t live without our TiVos, and DVR is still in huge demand for both the PC and the TV. Fortunately, Nero has made a low-priced DVR with Liquid TV, a program that can bring actual TiVo software to a PC.

Liquid TV comes with the entire kit to turn a PC into a TiVo including the software and a one-year subscription to the service. The software even includes the Season Pass and KidZone features, something that TiVo-ites will be very familiar with.

It even comes with a figure-eight shaped remote that resembles the remotes that come with most TiVo units, as well as a USB IR receiver. The HD-compatible USB tuner is a genuine Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950Q, which is a high quality model that can access over-the-air digital signals, QAM channels, and analog channels.

So, not only can you get the TiVo experience on your PC, but it can be obtained cheaply. Believe it or not, the Nero Liquid TV is available for just $103.99. I have to admit that I sounded like some extended infomercial there, but a fully-functioning DVR for a tad over hundred dollars is a good deal in a lot of books. If someone sent you money for Christmas, this might be the item to get for yourself.