CaseCruzer Military Footlocker Pelican Case

We salute our men and women on the battlefield as they more often than not have to live in some pretty harsh conditions, and so adding a little touch of home might seem to be too impossible a request to fulfil. CaseCruzer thinks otherwise though, which is why it has come up with the Military Footlocker Pelican Case that not only offers mobile protection to its contents within, this durable luggage solution will also help one feel organized no matter how difficult and dire the current mission may be. While this is not a nuclear-proof product, at least it is tough enough to keep all your favorite memories (photos, letters, journals, etc) safe and sound compared to a regular locker.

Families who want to send their beloved items from halfway across the world can do so with the Military Footlocker Pelican Case, as it can also be used to hold non-perishable food, water containers, clothing, bedding and medicine apart from personal belongings. Seems that the only prohibited items would be home-made food and a case of cold beer, but that’s for some rather obvious reasons. Each Military Footlocker Pelican Case comes with a couple of side folding handles and an extendable handle for easy transportation, while stainless steel ball-bearing wheels and polyurethane tires are standard issue that makes it ideal for open field tactics. Nice to know that it is anti-theft as well, thanks to its dual flanges that can be secured via padlocks.

This nifty and hardy portable storage box measures 31.50″ x 22.88″ x 18.88″ on the outside, while its interior dimensions are a wee bit less. Lid depth stands at 3.50″ and base depth at 13.88″. The entire case tips the scales at 47 lbs – pretty heavy for some, but not too shabby considering the protection it affords – a water-tight seal that meets stringent IP66, IP67 and STANAG 4280 certifications. Each purchase comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

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