Philips’ New Product Line for 2009

by Mark R

In case you haven’t heard, Philips will not have a booth at CES 2009. However, they did unveil some of their newest products at a recent press event in New York.

This release includes three different MP3 Players. All of them are small, support MP3 and WMA, and have FM radios with 20 programmable presets. The Raga has a colorful faceplate that can be switched out to accessorize with whatever color wardrobe you are wearing that day. Raga is very similar to the Spark, as it has an OLED screen. The LUXE lacks an OLED screen, but has a jewel and mirror finish with LCD.

The company also launched two new products from their Streamium line. The Streamium allows wireless streaming of digital audio, providing access to Rhapsody and Internet radio even if the computer is not on. The NP2500 and the NP2900 are a step up from the NP1100, their first Streamium, as they both have color screens. The major difference between the two new models is that the NP2900 has stereo speakers.

The two Streamium products are on sale now. The NP2500 is for $206.99, and the NP2900 is at $295.99. As for the prices of the MP3 Players, it varies with the model and memory. The Raga ranges from $34.99 for the 1GB and $44.99 for the 2GB version. The Spark is at $49.99 and $59.99, and the LUXE is about $89.99 to $99.99. LUXE is planned to hit the market in January, while the Raga and Spark are available now.

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