Smoking Everywhere for a healthier you

You know the feeling as the year draws to a close and you enter into another pensive mood swing, thinking of all the broken New Year resolutions. Girding yourself, you figure out since New Year’s just a couple more weeks or so away, why not roll forward those resolutions? Apart from trying to kick the habit of the bottle, another major habit that people want to rid themselves of would be smoking. There are plenty of anti-smoking aids in the market to help those who find it difficult to take the cold turkey route, but not all of them are effective. Just like how different strokes work for different folks, so the same applies to equipment that help you quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are part of the regime, and we’ll take a look at what Smoking Everywhere has to offer right after the jump.

Smoking Everywhere offers its electronic cigarette that looks like just the real thing, except that it does not come with any tobacco or tar – not even a single milligram to assault your sensitive lung tissues. Instead, you will find a small chamber within that combines a potent and satisfying dose of nicotine with a harmless liquid. This mixture will be heated by a battery-powered element, turning it into what looks like smoke sans fire, ash and odor. It would be quite a challenge convincing the authorities at public places that you really aren’t smoking a real cigarette – I wonder whether anti-smoking laws do include electronic ciggies?

Not only do these make the perfect gift for yourself if you want to live a healthier life, they also make for a great present for others with the same aspirations as you. You will be able to pick up these revolutionary electronic cigarettes in the USA via Smoking Everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Smoking Everywhere for a healthier you”

  1. Existing anti-smoking laws are only applicable to tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco, and are not subject to these laws. You could legally sell an electronic cigarette to a 5 year old, because it is not a tobacco product.

    I’m not sure that any scientific study has been done to validate the safety of electronic cigarettes.

  2. Francis is wrong. The law does not state no smoking TOBACCO in public areas. It claims NO SMOKING in public areas. That means smoking ANYTHING.

    Tobacco, pot, crack…. legal or illegal. NO SMOKING means NO SMOKING.

    I don’t care if these are healthier. Putting ANYTHING in your lungs that isn’t found in our natural atmosphere can be a hazardous. Also, this can be an irritant to ones eyes.

    NO SMOKING still stands.

  3. I just had lunch in front of an “everywhere smoker”, and as an ex smoker I’m very picky about cigarette smell. With this thing however, not a trace of smell whatsoever, even though the person was sitting in front of me across the table and “smoking” vapor. Quite unbelievable. I’d love to see some study to see how much of a fraction of a percent of nicotine I got to absorb as a second hand “everywhere smoker”.

  4. Like to Tell everyone on the forum, I been smoking for 17yrs , I been trying to stop , slow down , write notes , take pills Clantix , I cant help the desire to puff.
    take a puff break durring work, drive and smoke, after meals , and COFEE
    Then I found Smoke everywhere gold this week, Its changing my life now. Less and less I’m smoking cigaretts today 6cigs, and puff vapors that taste better in between.
    For now Im vap 18mg of nicotine and as time goes by to a 0mg. I even started to enjoy flavors over tobacco taste,
    Someday very soon, I will rid of Cigarettes Forever and never buy another pack. Even Vaping will be a past time with reading a book next to the fireplace.
    I’m going to fly a long flight in a few days,
    I wont advertise me vaping but i will vapor under my flight blanket. Does anyone knpw if the screeners will say anything if this e-cig is in my bag?

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