CyFi Wireless Headphones for sound on the go

I am guessing that this next product’s name is pronounced “Sci-fi”. Of course, many die-hard science fiction fans despise the word sci-fi, but I think that a lot of people are going to like this CyFi.

The CyFi Hi-fi Wireless Audio is designed for those who want to take the sound from their iPod or Bluetooth cellular phone and share it with the rest of the world. It is also for those who like running, biking, or anything that requires speakers on the go.

The CyFi comes in two forms. The first is designed to be used with Bluetooth A2DP enabled cellular phones. The second works with the iPod, and requires the user to plug a dongle into their iPod for the wireless transmission. This iPod version works for all iPod models except the Mini, Shuffle, and the iPhone.

I definitely would like to give some award to the design team for the shape of these speakers. Someone definitely used a flat clamshell as their source of inspiration. I also admire how the song advance and volume control buttons were seamlessly worked into the framework.

The CyFi requires two hours of charging for about six hours worth of playing time. The CyFi has just been released last October, and is currently available on the My CyFi website for $179 (Bluetooth version) or $199 (iPod version).


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  1. The the writer of this article.
    If you had a brain cell and were not such a geek and got out of your cubicle you would know the a cycle starts with a c and has nothing to to do with science. The wireless speaker your reviewed are made to mount on the handlebars of a bicycle and thus freeing the cyclist to steer and control the system with the thumbs. If you rant you should at least know what you are talking about.

  2. iPhones DO work with the iPod CyFi unit.
    It’s a great product with numerous uses. Take it from car to stroller to bike to backpack.

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