The Dino Flash Drive that breaths fire

If your main need for a flash drive are for it to be cute, then you’re in luck with this one.  Although, I think this 4GB flash drive has a slight identity crisis.  It’s called the Dino Flash Drive, but that is clearly a flame shooting out of its mouth.  Therefore it would be much better suited being called the Dragon Flash Drive.  That is unless I’m mistaken and there were little green dinosaurs running around that did in fact breath fire.

Well even if this is a very confused dino, at least he’s cute.  He can hold 4GB, which isn’t a ton of storage.  However, you don’t always need the larger flash drives, smaller flash drives are nice for the smaller jobs.  To get to the drive just pull his head back and it’ll expose the end.  Luckily the cap stays attached, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.  You can pick up the 4GB drive in either green or pink for $21.95 on X-treme Geek.

Source: CraziestGadgets