Tikitag DIY RFID tag kit from Firebox


Firebox has made available the revolutionary Tikitag, touted to be the first commercially available DIY RFID tag kit to the masses. This piece of high-tech wizardry enables users to connect real world items to online electronic applications, opening up the doors to unlimited, on-the-spot information at a single touch.

Utilizing Near Fields Communications Technology (NFC), Tikitags increase the value of everyday items. Simply attach a tiny tag to pretty much any object and through www.tikitag.com, users can add potentially limitless amounts of information to it, which can therefore be read by any online NFC reader and automatically spurt out information in a number of different environments. Just think, a Tikitag could be added to business cards which once read, could link directly to further company bumf or even that persons Facebook account! Or, in an outdoor environment a visitor to an art gallery could wave his NFC enabled phone at a Banksy print and find out some more about his lowly beginnings as a butcher!

The original set will comprise of a USB-enabled NFC reader and 10 DIY NFC tags. These tags require no batteries to run, and it is expected that the NFC market will grow significantly in due time. You will be able to pick up the Tikitag for £39.95 per set.

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