Open Air Cinema rolls out new Open Air Home Screen

Open Air Cinema is a name that is familiar if you’re into outdoor cinema equipment, and it seems rather strange for them to announce their new 16ft x 9ft Open Air Home Screen considering we’re right smack in the middle of winter at the moment (for those living in the northern hemisphere at least). Seriously, I would much rather sit at home around a cozy fireplace toasting marshmallows with a piping cup of hot chocolate in one hand instead of freezing my derrière off in the chilly cold and “enjoying” a rented movie played via my projector. Come to think of it, this only works with a weatherproof projector of sorts, right? The Open Air Home Screen is no ordinary display though, as it is a behemoth inflatable movie screen. Good to know you won’t need to rely on lung power to engorged it, otherwise it might take much longer than viewing the entire movie itself. Perhaps Open Air Cinema released this in anticipation of folks who love being prepared 6 months ahead of the coming summer, or folks from Down Under would like to import one of these puppies.

According to Stuart Farmer, president of Open Air Cinema, “The 16-foot screen is the largest screen available for backyard use on the market. This new size truly converts your backyard into a huge cinematic experience. With the included blower fan, it takes just a few seconds to inflate. And even though it is the biggest screen we recommend for home use, it is still easy to set up, use and take down.”

Not only is the 16ft x 9ft Open Air Home Screen practical for backyard use, it is also easily transportable, capable of transforming just about any venue into a big outdoor theater. Of course, that would mean having to install some sort of insect repelling devices in the vicinity since you wouldn’t want your guests to get bitten by bugs while watching the latest blockbuster, would you? Sounds like the perfect set up if you’re holding a poolside party or hosting a BBQ by the beach. Features of the inflatable 16ft x 9ft Open Air Home Screen include :-

  • 220″ Diagonal Projection Surface
  • Matte white, wrinkle-resistant ripstop nylon projection surface
  • Black-backed projection surface blocks lights from behind, improves contrast ratio
  • Ultra lightweight — weighs less than 20 pounds when deflated and fits inside a duffel bag
  • Air blower provides constant inflation
  • Heavy duty PVC carrying bag for screen, air blower, ropes, stakes etc.
  • 20 MPH wind rating

You can pick it up for $999, but if your budget doesn’t permit, there is always the 12ft x 7ft version which is going for $599 while the 9-foot version will retail for at $449.

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  1. “considering we’re right smack in the middle of winter at the moment”

    You do realise it’s summer in other parts of the world. Oh I forgot as far as you guys (Americans) are concerned you are the rest of the world!

  2. Yeah…I hope you realize there are places in the United States that are warm year round…Southern Cal…Arizona…New Mexico…Florida….Hawaii…and quite a few more.

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