Replug Breakaway Adapter Saves your Neck

Every once in a while, I will be working on my laptop, and I will have to step away. Then suddenly, like a dog on a leash, my head gets a huge jerk as I have forgotten to remove my headphones. All damage to my ears and neck aside, that can’t be good for the headphones.

Fortunately, the Replug is here to turn a standard headphone or headset cable into a safer version. As you can see, there is a plug-in that allows for some easy detach-ability. So the next time you stand up from your laptop or other headphone device, the cable will effortlessly snap off and any “whiplash” incidents will be avoided.

It is designed for 3.5mm audio jacks, and has a plug tip and flexible body that grips the tip that uses a “resilient elastomeric ring”. Once it detaches, you can simply reattach it with little effort.

So is this the beginning of a new era of headphones, ones that will not yank your head off when you forget to take them off? I certainly hope so. In fact, I can see an OSHA-approved era where all headphones will become like the Replug. It is no wonder that it won the I.D. Magazine Distinction Award of 2007.

You should be able to get the Replug from the Twisted Carbon website for about £9.99.


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