Sonos releases Sonos Controller for iPhone

The name Sonos is famous for releasing wireless multi-room music systems for the home, and this time round they have included their expertise by releasing the Sonos Controller for iPhone. Unlike other Sonos products, this is available as a free download over the iPhone App Store. What does this mean for millions of iPod/iPhone users around the country? Well, as long as you are in possession of an iPhone 3G, iPhone or iPod touch, you will be able to have total control over the award-winning Sonos Multi-Room Music System straight from the aforementioned portable device – no questions asked whatsoever.

How is this possible? Well, it brings together Sonos’ industry-leading multi-room control user interface to function on the iPhone’s generous display, relying on multi-touch technology that provides you with the power to control an entire Sonos system and a world of music, all from a mere touch. This functionality extends to include the ability to quickly link and unlink rooms without having to interrupt music playback. Other features available consist of Select, Play, Pause, and Skip music in any room. Heck, you can even perform an instant search for your favorite artists and songs as long as you key in the relevant words on the touch screen. Couch potatoes will definitely love the Sonos Controller for iPhone, but it does make me wonder whether all these modern gadgets will soon reduce us to tubs of lard as depicted in this summer’s hit movie, Wall-E. As it it, many of us already don’t get enough exercise, and with the Sonos Controller, things ain’t gonna improve either.

Make sure you have at least one Sonos ZonePlayer in action before you can make full use of the Sonos Controller for iPhone. Other requirements to look out for comprise of Sonos 2.7 System Software and iPhone 2.0 Software.

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