Homeloo’s Jumbo Gear Clock

by Ally

It’s always obnoxious having a wall clock you have to stand excessively close to in orderto read it properly.  I have one of those, I can never see the placement of the hands from a distance.  Yet, I keep it because I like the overall look of the clock.  I imagine a lot of people will pick up this clock for the same reasons, the overall look is fascinating.  Even if the watch face is overly difficult to read from a distance.  If they had varied the color of the hands a little from its background it would have helped a great deal.

However, with them both being one color it does simplify the look of the overall clock.  Having fifty exposed gears is plenty to clutter the clock up by themselves without adding a contrasting color to the clock hands.  The clock is 16” and yes, all of those gears do move.  The larger gear behind the watch hands also spins, it spins clockwise while the rest of the gears spin counterclockwise.  The clock will cost you $78.

Source: bbgadgets

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