The Cue reminds you to do your breast self-exam

by Ally

All women know from a fairly young age that doing a breast exam on yourself once a month is essential.  However, as women our lives get crazy and we don’t always remember to do it.  Then time comes around for a female check-up and you end up getting lectured by the doctor.  Well with the Cue, you’ll have a helpful reminder once a month to do your exam.  It hangs on your shower wall, so hopefully you aren’t bashful about it hanging there.  It is meant to hang there so that you can do the exam from the privacy of your shower.

It will remind you seven days after your period, and if you no longer have one then it will just remind you on the same day every month.  It also will remind you to go see the doctor for your regular female check-up, as well as having a built-in shower timer.  If you have a large family, the Cue will work for up to four users.  Which means you can also teach your daughters good habits as well.  To pick one up it will cost you $24.95, but that is only for this month since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, next month it will go back up to $29.95.

Source: ChipChick

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