Need more space on the screen? Add this 4.3 inch one on

by Mark R

I’m sure all of you know that two is better than one, and that applies with the monitor for your computer. Of course, most of the true geeks out there have two monitors of equal size. However, for those who just want a tiny little screen for checking on an application or two, this USB Bus-powered LCD is for you.

A company called Century Japan has created a 4.3 inch WVGA display that is not only practical, but it is environmentally friendly. You see, this display is powered by the USB bus itself and will not pollute the planet as well as other tech devices are prone to do.

So what good is an extra screen, especially one so tiny? Well, how about getting some extra real estate on your desktop or laptop? I mean, I have three applications going on my laptop at any given time. Usually it is an Internet Explorer program on the top, a word processing program in the lower left hand corner, and some sort of video program going in the lower right hand corner.

If someone tries to Instant Message me, I always have to push that pesky new window out of the way. Now I can just put it on the 4.3 inch USB screen. In fact, if I want even more real estate on my screen, I can add up to seven of these mini-screens to my computer. Of course, I will need some sort of adaptor for all these USB ports.

By the way, this tiny screen is compatible with not just PCs, but they can be attached to Macs. If you want this extra space, feel free to shell out $200 for this PC accessory.


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