The Nomad Traveler Speaker

by Ally

Retro gadgets are always creating new twists and quirks in newer technology.  The latest design is this Nomad Traveler Speaker.  Which is made to look like an old radio.  It is actually inspired by vintage luggage and based on a design from the 1930s.  Although it is a larger design, it is supposed to be lightweight.  It also has the handle on top so you can wander into public with it hooked up to your iPod.  Although, I’d imagine it’d look best sitting in your home.  The speaker features SRS resonance enhancement and is said to offer a rich sound.

It also has an antenna for improved reception and a dial tuner display.  Which means you can choose between either listening to the AM/FM radio or listen to whatever happens to be playing on your iPod or laptop.  It also has the nice option to either be powered by plugging it into the wall or by popping some batteries into it and using it that way.  Since it can be battery operated and has a radio, it make a nice radio for when your power is out and you need to check on local storms.  It uses 4 AA batteries to be specific and is being sold on Urban Outfitters for $72.

Source: NerdApproved

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