Thanko Magnetic Earphones: Perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, me hardies! In case you don’t know, September 19th is officially Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I have found the perfect accessory for ye, matey! Thanko, who has offered landlubberin’ consumers a lot of unusual products, is now offering the Sound Lives Magnetic Earphones.

So why are these perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day? For starters, they have some interesting graphics on some of them, like a soccer ball, a panda, or a skull and crossbones. Arr, it be the Jolly Roger! What a great thing for puttin’ on a pirate’s ear!

In fact, that is one of the bonuses of the Magnetic Earphones: they can be used as jewelry. In fact, from the picture here, I would think that this is all the headphones could be used for. After all, if you look at where the speaker is at, it doesn’t appear to go into the ear canal at all. Is there some bone conduction technology going on here?

The pair of earphones have a frequency response of 20-25,000Hz, with a sensitivity of 100db/mW. You should be able to find the Sound Lives Magnetic Earphones on the Thanko site for a very low price of $19. Godspeed to you, and have a great Talk Like a Pirate Day.