LG introduce new Plasmas with bluetooth, PVR to the UK

by Marc


A "new, even smaller" model announcement is an odd thing for a TV manufacturer – usually we hear about larger, louder, brighter sets. There is method to the madness though – historically, plasma TVs have only been available in larger sizes – 40" and above. With the 32PG6000 LG have squeezed Plasma technology into a 32" screen.

Coming soon after the launch of the new LCD TV range this Plasma launch breathes life into a technology many other manufacturers are abandoning, with some innovative new features.

As with the recent LCD launch there are a myriad of model numbers and screen sizes covering a wide range of features and budgets. The 32" set sits at the bottom of the range, while the monster 60" 60PG7000 stands at the top.

Even the 32" model gets a huge array of inputs with 4 HDMI sockets, component, SCART and VGA ports. Moving up the range gets you bluetooth connectivity and an integrated freeview PVR. This is a really nice idea, you get two tuners so you can watch one program while recording another, and a 160GB hard drive for over 80 hours of recording capacity.

You can get more details of all these sets on the LG Blog, or on the LG website

If you’ve got to the bottom of this post and are wondering what the difference between LCD and Plasma is anyway and why you’d care, we asked LG to give us their take on it. You can get their explanation here.

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[…] LG introduce new Plasmas with bluetooth, PVR to the UK […]

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