The Rotating Electrical Outlet

by Ally

From time to time I have a strong appreciation for the small and simple gadgets.  Yes, I love my overly complex iPod Touch, but it’s some of the smaller gadgets that make life just a little easier.  Lately, power strips are starting to see a smarter design where the outlets can twist and turn to accommodate different size plugs.  Well, there are other places besides the power strip for your computer that could use the same perks.  For one, the bathroom, with all of our smaller gadgets for torturing our hair or shaving off beards in the morning.

Those gadgets tend to have plugs that don’t always want to work well together.  Well with this cheap little gadget you won’t have to get nearly as frustrated over it.  The simple little outlet just allows for the individual head in the outlet to rotate independently.  This means that those bulky plugs should become a bit easier to use.  Luckily these little guys are cheap, you can pick them up in beige, white or black for $10 a piece.

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