SRS Labs offer PureSpeech technology

SRS Labs have teamed up with CSR in a joint engineering and marketing partnership in order to develop PureSpeech technology. PureSpeech aims to bring the most complete set of Bluetooth audio solutions to the consumer by merging the expertise of both companies, and this new Bluetooth software is able to deliver significant improvements to the audio clarity of Bluetooth mono headsets. When used in tandem with SRS Labs’ VIP+ software, PureSpeech will boast improved audio quality on the other end with the help of CSR’s Clear Voice Capture noise reduction software. PureSpeech will be made available to the masses sometime in Q1 next year as an option on CSR’s DSP-based BlueCore Multimedia Bluetooth silicon.

PureSpeech is a complete audio solution for manufacturers of Bluetooth devices that delivers an important competitive advantage by significantly improving sound clarity and tonal quality for both participants in a mobile phone call, even if one party does not have a PureSpeech-enabled headset/device. SRS VIP+ voice intelligibility processing software ensures the user can hear the call even in a noisy environment, by dynamically maximizing speech intelligibility through selective formant enhancement. At the same time, CSR’s CVC software provides highly efficient removal of noise around the speaker using a Bluetooth headset – benefiting someone listening to the caller at the far end.

It would be interesting which are the other companies that will take up and include PureSpeech technology in their products. After all, getting the right message across in a clear and concise manner is always a good thing, since misinformation tends to lead to plenty of misery between partners, and wars have been fought in the past due to a lack of communication. Wouldn’t want any of that happening now, do we? How many of you out there are currently satisfied with the audio quality of your Bluetooth headsets anyways?

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