HP overcomes 24-hour battery life barrier

HP has hit a major milestone in the world of mobile computing – the company has managed to eke out 24 hours of continuous notebook operation based on a single battery charge without any extra help from solar-powered plug-ins and what not. Using an industry-standard benchmark, the new HP EliteBook 6930p was specially configured with an optional ultra-capacity battery that managed to perform this feat, keeping it going long after the average office drone has gone home, showered and slept even until the next day. The HP EliteBook 6930p has managed to offer the Holy Grail of portable computing, so to speak, and you need not worry about power points any more while doing your work.

How did it achieve this feat? Well, for starters, the HP batteries had the help of HP engineering as well as energy-efficient notebook components including solid-state hard drives (SSD) from Intel and mercury-free LED displays. The HP Illumi-Lite LED display is extremely efficient, capable of boosting battery run time by up to 4 hours when compared against traditional LCD displays. As for the Intel SSD, that component increased battery life by another 7% after replacing the standard hard drive found in most notebooks. With the HP EliteBook 6930p, you will be able to fly economy class from Newark Liberty International Airport all the way to Singapore Changi Airport without running out of juice – approximately all 18 hours and 40 minutes of the trip. This helps you save on spending more money on business class where they offer you a power outlet, but you do lose out on space and comfort though. Heck, might as well save up the money not spent on a class upgrade by treating yourself to a lovely spa session at your destination with plenty of money to spare.

Other features of the HP EliteBook 6930p include a shock-resistant hard drive, enhanced display panel and spill-resistant keyboard. It also complies with MIL-STD 810F military-standard tests, making this no wuss on your travels.

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