Guitar Praise is Chrisitianized Guitar Hero

For years, way-to-conservative Christian groups have been saying that rock and roll music is “of the devil”. I suppose that would mean that games like Guitar Hero would be playing with the devil, correct?

Fortunately for these conservative groups, there is a “spiritualized” version of Guitar Hero, which has appropriately been named Guitar Praise.

I’m not certain how to play Guitar Praise, but it looks like the rules are the same as Guitar Hero. The guitar even looks to be the same model, and has the five frets. I’m sure the object is the same as Hero, as you must hit the buttons at the proper time. The only difference is it looks like you’ll be playing along with Christian rock instead of Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones.

Some of you may not be familiar with Christian Rock, but I still remember the glory days of such artists like Petra, Michael W. Smith, and Amy Grant. Perhaps this Guitar Praise will have some of their greatest hits.

So maybe this Guitar Praise could be the biggest Digital Christian thing since Veggie Tales. Of course, I know some Christians that are against Christian rock and Veggie Tales, so they probably won’t warm up to Guitar Praise. Well, they are missing out on a lot of fun.

Guitar Praise is available at the Digital Praise site for about $99.95, with an additional guitar for about $69.95.


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