Mi Jam Drummer allows you to play along

by Mark R

It has been over a year since we covered any mi Jam products from the B2 company, so I say it is high time we covered something by them. One of their most recent products is the mi Jam Drummer.

I suppose this product would probably best be suited for children, or for anyone at any age who aspires to be a drummer. Simply put, this device hooks up with a digital music device, stereo, personal computer, iPod, or any other Portable Media Player to allow the user to be the drummer.

The mi Jam Drummer has two modes: interactive and standalone. Standalone allows the user to plug into the miJam to the external speaker or earphone, and he or she can simulate a full drum kit including a snare drum, tom toms, bass, hi-hat, even cymbals. There are even some newly added keys that allow the drummer to add roll effects. The interactive mode allows for the user to play the music, and the user can drum along with the sound.

The best part about the mi Jam drummer is it can be used with the user’s stereo speakers or personal headphones. The personal headphones mode means that parents can be oblivious to their son or daughter’s drumming, and the silent home leads to fewer headaches for mom and dad.

You should be able to pick up the mi Jam Drummer for about $25 at retail and online stores everywhere.


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