The USB Metal Game Pad features shiny chrome

by Ally

If you’re tired of having the same old boring controllers to go with your favorite games, you’ll like this new design.  It features chrome and not just shiny plastic that looks like chrome.  Granted that means that you’re stuck making fingerprints all over it every single time you pick it up.  However, having a shiny controller like this might be worth the extra trouble it would cause.

The device is coming from China’s Dream Cheeky, which in the past have offered all kinds of USB gadgets.  Right now there isn’t even the slightest hint as to where one might get one of these and when it would become available.  However, it is listed on the Dream Cheeky website, which shows all of the details on the game pad.  Well, besides the details we want most, which is where to get one.  According to the site it is compatible with both the PC and Mac.  It also features an 8-way directional game pad and is powered by USB with 6ft cables.

Source: Technabob

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