Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp


Can you believe it – I went to the cinemas the other day to catch Star Wars: Clone Wars, but amazingly enough I was turned down due to the fact that nobody else bought the tickets (and that was just 10 minutes before the show supposedly “starts”), so the management decided it was not cost effective to open up the doors to that screening just for a couple of people. Amazing! Who’d knew that the world would run out of Star Wars geeks? If only I could vent my frustration with the Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp.

This mini Jedi weapon of choice plugs into your USB port and lights up to become possibly the coolest desk lamp since the discovery of electricity. Not only can you get in touch with the force (as long as you’re a Jedi), but once charged, you can remove this wicked wand from its base and have your very own mini-me glowing lightsaber. It’s the perfect present for any Star Wars devotee who may have slipped over to the Dark Side and is in need of enlightenment, and don’t forget that a good present can make up for a bad past.

This is different from the Lightsaber Desk Lamp that we saw earlier this year, since that model is not USB-powered but relies on AA batteries instead. You can pick up the Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp for £24.99.

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