Music Composing gets digital …

by James

Of course it has, isn’t everything sooner or later? From our friends at Yanko comes this digital composer interface which has the promise to bring out the John Williams in all of us. The concept, which has LiteOn as it’s benefactor, the idea couldn’t be simpler. Sing into the pen/mic, dock it and watch the notes get transcribed before your eyes as they’re played back. Think of it as Danny Elfman meets karaoke.

For those who enjoy old school composing, the pen/mic also allows for direct composition on the tablet itself. As the notes are written, the tablet will then proceed to digitize the information into song and play it back. What’s more, the tablet promises to store whole libraries of instrumental arrangements to that once the opus is written, it can be played back with each instrument chiming in.

What out of the box thinking. Sure, the Compose concept will be saddled by a lot of poor folks who can’t carry a tune and therefore, compose a lot of really bad music, but then again, what’s Klingon opera? In all seriousness, a gadget like this could help those with hidden talents learn to believe in themselves enough to get serious about a career in music. But could this be too specialized of an item to actually make it to mass production?

Hat Tip – Yanko Design

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Friday Gallery of Gadgets » Coolest Gadgets Says: August 22, 2008 at 12:50 am

[…] Music Composing gets digital … […]

Fate Says: April 12, 2009 at 11:41 am

i think this’ll do great both as a toy and for wannabe composers who can’t read/write a musical me^^;;

the design looks appealing too.

now all they need is an addition to it all. aka background and foreground music..or something^^^

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