Putter Bot Could Revolutionize Robot Sports

We already have Battlebots, where Robots take on each other in something resembling wrestling, so why not have them play other sports, like golf?

Well, this Putter Bot Remote Controlled Golfer is certainly a good start. It may not be a fully automated robot per se, as it needs a human to command it. Let’s face it, the robot is doing most of the work.

It is designed to line up the shot, and then the user can adjust the swing with whatever amount of power he or she requires. As you can see, it moves around on two triangular tracks that it must have borrowed from Number Five from Short Circuit.

Much of the information I have on this shows that this is someone’s little home project, but I don’t have a name. Personally, I think he has the next remote control toy sensation. That, or what would happen if Tiger Woods lost his arms in a tragic car accident. Perhaps this inventor should design something for long drives as well.

I have included this video of the Putter Bot in action, and I would have to say that its disappointment at missing the shot looks almost…human. I’m surprised it doesn’t yell at the ball like Happy Gilmore.