The Moo Wall Lamp – a modern twist to hunting

by Ally

Animal heads being hung on the wall is one topic that can make a great many women groan in annoyance, and even several men I’m sure.  However, there is that bunch that still does it anyway, well this lamp is for the man that couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn but would still like to look like a dedicated hunter.  So if you can’t manage to get a decent animal head for yourself, you can pick up this odd little wall lamp.  Which looks a bit like a slightly more high class version of a talking fish mounted on the wall.

The bright white does make it a decent lamp for the slightly more odd décor with a modern twist.  All I see when I look at it though, is a silly overpriced novelty light.  One that makes it so you almost appear as if you might be able to hunt.  When in fact the only thing you’ve really killed was a bunny rabbit that wouldn’t move fast enough across the road.  The lamp is being sold through the Scandinavian Design Center for a whopping $1,180.59. You’ll have to preorder it for now, it won’t be actually released till sometime later on this month.

Source: Charles&Marie

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