Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets turn sour into sweet

Imagine taking a bite into the most sour lemon you can possibly conceive of. The thought alone will likely make your mouth pucker and your tongue tingle. I love the flavor of lemon, but if the juice isn’t diluted, there’s just no way for me to eat a lemon without taking one bite and spitting it right back into the trash.

The Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets magically makes sour and bitter foods taste sweet. Similar methods have been around since at least the 1700s, yet science is still yet to figure out a true cause of this effect. It has something to do with a protein called miraculin, but that’s as far as science has gotten us. ThinkGeek put the Tablets to the test and were so impressed that they now sell them.

ThinkGeek tested the tablets on an assortment of fruits, and the result was consistent. When used while eating an already sweet orange, the¬†fruit experience was described as tasting like it was from an “Alien world or plucked straight from the Garden of Eden (truly, words can’t describe the life-altering sensations caused by these little tablets)”.

ThinkGeek notes that while straight up acidic foods like lemons and limes will taste great, but will still do some serious damage to your mouth if you eat too much of it. A half-tablet lasts for about an hour of taste-bending effects. Each $20 case comes with 10 tablets, enough for 20 servings. Check out ThinkGeek for more.

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