Spy Kite is Toy for James Bond Jr.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a show on the USA Network called Burn Notice, but it is about a spy that was fired by his particular spy organization. He is now forced to do A-Team-ish jobs for clients in order to make a living.

I bring this show up because the main character, Michael, makes his own spy equipment from old cellular phones and GPS devices, and the Spy Kite is low-tech spy gear that he could just buy instead of making.

The Spy Kite is just what it sounds like, a wind flyer that has a digital camera mounted on the frame. This delta wing model is made of fiberglass, and can take pictures from 80 feet in the air. I believe that the 80 foot height requirement is because the string holder has a wireless remote that allows a picture to be taken.

Once you are finished with your spywork, you can reel in your kite and attach it to your PC and download your photos. I have no word on the resolution or memory of this camera, but I have my doubts on whether this would work. After all, every time that I fly a kite, it moves around too erratically, which is not ideal for shooting photos.

Well, if you’re willing to take a chance, perhaps you should try it out for about £29.99 or $57. You can purchase it at the Gadgetshop site.